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How To Write Bulk SMS Business Proposal

Customers are the back bone of every business, hence scouting for customers has always been a challenge for many businesses. Some business fold because of low patronage which could not feed the daily bills incurred in the business.

Bulk SMS business might be lucrative, but it all depends on how you do it. it depends largely on your customer base and your quality of service.

Therefore this article will shade light on steps to follow in writing a winning SMS proposal to get more clients and increase your Return On Investment by 75%. No one will wish to fail but your actions and how you go about your business will determine how far and successful you will be in your SMS business.

Expand your business and smile to the bank through this proven tips

1. Introduce Bulk SMS To The Prospective Customer

No one will ever do business that he/she does not know. People often buy in to business that they understand how it works, capital needed, marketing strategies, profit margin, expected challenges ...in this case, you must explain what bulk SMS is all about and how it works. Keep your explanation simple and clear. This way you will blow their minds open for the business.

2. Sell out the benefits

Be clear and specifics with proven examples on the benefits of bulk sms business. DO NOT sweet mouth and tell your prospects what is not possible. Do not over exagerate the expected benefits rather focus on what is tenable. Ensure you compare benefits of bulk SMS over normal text messages. lets the customer knows that they can send one custom message to thousands of people within seconds. Ability to send custom branded SMS to customers promoting their business with clarity; the easiness in using mobile phones in any locations. State out all benefits of bulk SMS to the prospect.

Let your customers have a clear picture of what they stand to gain from the business and your support to them to succeed

3. Introduce Your Business

Remember, your main aim for the proposal is to win the customer to yourself. So let your prospects know your business...It is always said, if you don't tell people you are there, they will not know...so you have to let people know your business.

Let the prospect know your business name, your services, and every other necessary information that will help the prospect to really understand you. Do not forget to state your contact clearly ie Physical business address if any, email address, phone number, website and social network platform.

4. State your Unique Selling Proposition.

You are not alone...off course you can't operate in isolation, competitors are out there doing the same business. Why should your prospect chose you instead of others. You need to state the reasons explicitly in your proposal.

Take advantage of your competition's weakness, show case what you do better. How you attain to customers complaints. Project your good customer service system. Let customers know your auxiliary servcies that is for their advantage if they do business with you...tell them about your bonus or discount offer...it works like magic.

5. Tell Your Price and Call To Action.

Avoid the mistake of hiding your prices from your customers...never tell your prospects to call you for inquiry about prices. it kill businesses

When you state your price clearly, it will help the prospect to compare your prices and service with others and quickly take decision to do business with you. Customers like good price and bonuses.

Add call-to-action statements such as “contact us now for your free SMS units” or “Call us on xyz number. Always promise offer that is free...it works like magic.

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